Holes in your fire barriers leaves everyone exposed. There’s potential liability, property damage, and loss of life. No one wants to be exposed. If it happens, it’s usually unintentional.  
We all know that fire barriers will not provide any protection if they are shot through with holes.
Therefore whenever new cables, pipes and wires are being removed or installed, we make sure that all of the gaps are sealed during the process.
So you told your electrician, plumber and in-house contractors to fill those openings. You even check their work, and are satisfied when you see every gap filled. No more holes, no more exposure, right?
But then there’s a fire, and you are exposed. It was completely unintentional. But that doesn’t keep it from hurting your image -- or your bottom line. 
Protect yourself and your occupants. Don't be a victim of unintentional exposure. Use an FM 4991 approved and UL Qualified firestop contractor to deal with your penetrations. They are trained to identify and install the correct firestop system, taking into account the wall or floor assembly, the penetrating item, and the material filling the opening. These systems have been tested and proven by independent labs. When you use an FM 4991 approved and UL Qualified firestop contractor, you know your fire rated barriers are restored. No more surprises.
Stay tuned for our next topic: “Firestop Inspections:  What's The Problem?”.  

Written By:
Peter Schmidt
Account Manager

UL Qualified Firestop Contractor
Factory Mutual 4991 Approved