Firestopping has quickly become a major focus of professionals involved with the construction and maintenance of buildings.  Codes for installation and inspections are constantly being scrutinized to ensure that the firestopping is being installed and maintained throughout the lifecycle of a building.  Properly installed systems will restore the integrity of a fire rated barrier and stop smoke, toxic fumes, superheated gases, and fire from migrating room-to-room, or one floor to another.

We take full responsibility for compliance [including IBC, UL, NFPA, CMS, DOH & The Joint Commission], using only tested systems installed to strict UL specifications.  We specialize in the Firestopping of mechanical systems, plumbing, electrical, data systems, fire sprinklers, top of wall and curtain wall.  Our estimating department can provide lump sum and unit prices for trade work which include large sites to one day service calls.  We look forward to adding you to our list of satisfied customers on your next Firestopping job.

The healthcare environment has been one of our greatest areas of expertise.  Firestop Solutions Inc. understands the unique requirements of healthcare facilities.  We are infection control conscious, maintaining a clean and safe working environment, using HEPA filtration when needed.

Rated Barrier Reconstruction

Restoration of fire rated barriers that have been damaged or never built properly is most often not just a matter of firestopping.  Access to a concealed space and repair of a barrier requires skilled workers who are familiar with potential hazards and how to professionally ensure that a job does not interfere with daily work routines.  Firestop Solutions Inc. is trained in reconstruction for all your framing, sheetrock, and masonry repair work providing union or maintenance labor.

Rated Barrier Incomplete
Rated Barrier Complete

Fire & Smoke Damper Services

A complete survey of all fire and smoke rated barriers will be done in accordance with supplied life safety drawings to identify the location of each fire, smoke, and combination damper.  Each damper is then inspected in accordance with national and local codes and regulations.  Fire Dampers with a fusible link will have the link removed to ensure proper closure of the damper and replaced.

Dampers will have stickers installed on them denoting when and who cleaned and inspected the dampers. Location of all dampers found will then be indicated on the floor plans for future reference.  Documentation regarding location and test results is provided in a binder format.  Blueprints provided to Firestop Solutions Inc. can be color-coded and labeling of all fire barriers will also be provided if requested.


We restore fireproofing, often damaged during renovations or by leaking roofs, to its proper hourly rating.

Ready for Monokote
Properly Protected Area
Monokote Application

Photoluminescent Installation

Our comprehensive assessment and expert installation ensures compliance with Local Law 26 requiring photoluminescent exit marking in commercial high rise buildings.  Following our assessment, products are selected and installed according to the functional and aesthetic requirements of each location.  Our maintenance program ensures that your photoluminescent markings are kept in good condition.

Intumescent Paint

Intumescent paints are used today to protect load-bearing structural steel as well as that open air feeling. Unfortunately Structural steel begins to lose its integrity at about 930 degrees F in a fire situation. As a result steel beams and columns exposed to a load can collapse under these temperatures which can be reached in a relatively short period of eight to twelve minutes. This is where Intumescent Paint protection comes into play by protecting the steel and helps delay heat penetration and thereby extends the structural integrity of the steel. This in turn enhances the ability to save lives and protect valuable assets.

For more information on how Firestop Solutions Inc. can help you and your facility please feel free to contact us.